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The 9-fluorenone and other technologies developed by Zhongwei Company in the direction of fine chemical industry have been awarded the excellent new product award of Liaoning Province, Group Science and Technology Progress Award, Anshan Science and Technology Progress Award, etc. The company has developed a variety of bisphenol-based organic optical resin intermediates, fluorene and carbazole Organic semiconductor materials (OLED,OPV) intermediates. Product quality has been highly recognized by customers, technical force is quite strong.

The company has a chemical synthesis laboratory, equipped with various levels of organic synthesis test equipment, to meet the needs of organic synthesis tests from the mg class to the kg class. The company has built a number of specialized chemical production lines. It can provide customers from small-scale, pilot to large-scale production of products. An Analytical Laboratory equipped with a High-performance liquid chromatography, high performance gas chromatograph, UV photometer and moisture analyzer is available for analysis, detection and Quality Control of Samples from R & D to production. In recent years, the company has continuously introduced high-tech talents and strengthened its cooperation with the Nanjing Institute of Materials of Tianyuan, Sinosteel. At present, the company has 1 doctor and 10 R & D personnel with master's degree or above, who have been engaged in the research and development of new material intermediates for many years, in oxidation and reduction, bromination, alkylation, condensation, coupling technology has strong technical advantages.

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