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HCHS-40 Load Test Coke Oven
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Equipment usage and main functions:

40kg environment-friendly load test coke oven is used to simulate large-scale production coke oven. It can be used for comprehensive analysis of blended coal and single coal, including coke yield, tar yield, gas yield and gas composition in different coking periods. The mechanical strength index (M40, M25, M10) and hot strength index (CRI, CSR) of coke produced by this experimental device have good correlation with coke oven. It provides experimental data for rational utilization of coal resources and improvement of coke product quality, which can be used to guide and improve production. According to the cold strength index and thermal strength index of coke, the suitable coal blending conditions can be discussed, and the economy and possibility for production can be inferred, which can provide information for the rational utilization of coal resources.

The equipment can be used for conventional coking or tamping coking. It has chemical product recovery and purification device, can measure chemical product recovery rate and environmental protection function, and can prevent environmental pollution.

Technical features:

•The experimental data include bulk specific gravity, coke yield, tar yield, gas yield and gas composition in different coking periods;

•The hot state index of coke is similar to that of coke oven;

•Touch screen computer operation control, convenient and fast;

•The closed three-stage heating is adopted, the coal cake is heated evenly, and the coking state of industrial coke oven is accurately simulated, so as to ensure that the coal does not expand and coke under the appropriate load state, and there is no coke at the end of the furnace and coke bubble;

•Tar gas separation can recover tar produced in coking process and purify gas to obtain tar yield and gas quantity.

Technical index:

High temperature retort

Furnace size: Φ 450 * 750mm;

Heating element: Φ 2mm ferrochrome niobium spiral heater;

Heating mode: three stage independent temperature control;

Electric heating structure: spiral inlaid zirconium fiber heating sleeve;

Heating power: 6 * 3 = 18 kW;

Service temperature: ≤ 1200 ℃;

Temperature control mode: Siemens PLC program control.

Lifting rotating mechanism

Function: sample coal steamer, load assembly automatic displacement;

Lifting mode: lead screw + guide post electric mode;

Lifting height: 780mm;

Rotation mode: pair gear drive structure; rotation angle: ± 180 °.

Retort coke tank

Coke tank material: heat resistant high temperature alloy steel;

Effective volume: Φ 370 * 620mm;

Loading capacity: 40-50kg;

Service temperature: 1150 ℃;

Automatic tamping machine

Function: automatic quantitative tamping of coal cake density;

Density adjustment range: 0.72-1.1kg/cm3;

Tamping strength: adjustable range of upper and lower proximity switches;

Tamping density: when the tamping density of coal cake reaches the set value, the tamping limit is cut off and the program stops automatically.

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