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Zhongwei National Engineering Research Center For Coking Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhongwei National Engineering Research Center For Coking Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongwei company) was established in October 1998 and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinosteel Tianyuan Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 002057) in June 2017.

Zhongwei company is a national high-tech enterprise. Its main business includes the technological development and industrialization of new organic chemical materials, the R & D and manufacturing of intelligent instruments and equipment for metallurgy and coal and coke detection. The main products include fluorene series, carbazole series and naphthalene series chemical intermediates, as well as test coke oven, coal and coke detection equipment, overall laboratory solutions, etc. the products are widely used in electronic information materials, OLED, OPV, polymer materials, as well as coal and coke detection and laboratory test analysis in steel plants and coking plants. Zhongwei company is a large-scale 9-fluorenone manufacturer in China, There is no substitute in the field of large-scale experimental coke oven.

Since its establishment, Zhongwei company has been engaged in R & D, production, standard formulation and revision of new coal tar oil-based fine chemical materials; Continuously research and develop new metallurgical coal and coke detection technology, solutions and equipment, and provide key common technologies for the industry. It is a leading enterprise in technology verification, technology development and industrial promotion in the industry. The company has 20 intellectual property rights.

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