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ZWTK-1000 Iron Ore llurgical Performance Tester
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Equipment usage and main functions:

The tester is a special instrument for determining the reduction index, the low temperature disintegration index, the relative free-swelling index of iron ore.

Features and performance:

·The instrument complies with GB/T13240-91, GB/T13241-2017, GB/T13242-2017 standard;

·The heating mode is three-heated zones, and the control system has three temperature displays, which can display the upper, middle and lower temperatures of the material layer in real time to ensure the temperature of the gas entering the material layer when the reducing gas reacts with the test material.

Technical Parameters:

·Heater: In-line superalloy resistance wire, the maximum operating temperature is 1300℃, temperature zone >150mm;

· Temperature control accuracy: 500±5℃; 900±5℃; resolution 1℃;

· Thermocouple: three-point temperature measurement type K galvanic, industrial grade II.

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